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2012 a Big Year for Forex and the Trend Jumper

There are a lot of spectacular forex trades leading us to the close of 2012.  I’m carrying several live positions into the new year, some of which are turning into huge home run trades.  Here’s a breakdown of the 2 results for the year using simple, daily charts.

  1. I’ll start with the GBPJPY, which is currently in a grand slam of a trade.  This trade originated on Nov 19th and is still going, with two additional positions added in December.  Including where the stop is currently placed, if the trade were to stop out at that level, this pair has racked up + 5468 pips in 2012.  But this trade is still going and actually looks like the current trade has a lot more in the gas tank.  We’ll take a closer look at it in the video below.  It’s a great illustration of how important it is to stay with the tradeplan.  This final trade has added +1732 pips to the tally for the year.
  2. NZDJPY gained + 2126 pips for 2012 and is currently flat.
  3. AUDNZD + 1179 pips for 2012
  4. USDCHF was an underperformer in 2012, and was only able to gain +248 pips for the year.
  5. GBPAUD was a TOP performer in 2012, racking up +3971 pips.  It is currently in a trade though that is closing in on its full target.  That trade is up over +260 pips and is showing early signs of becoming a possible homerun trade.  It is currently in a risk free position.
  6. EURNZD was another TOP performer, gaining + 4969 pips.  It too, along with other EUR pairs, is in a trade that has cut its risk to very little and has the potential for a large gain.  This trade could push this pair several hundred pips above the big 5000 pip mark for the year!
  7. AUDJPY, also a TOP performer has gained +4660 pips and is currently in a huge live trade, like its cousin, GBPJPY.   Including the current trade’s stop level, the total is +5379 and still going.
  8. NZDCAD underperformed with +338 pips in 2012.  It is currently in a short trade which will change the result, once it concludes.  It’s too early to tell how it will end up.
  9. EURUSD looked like the dawg of the group but really came on strong the last few months.  it is currently in a trade but looks like it will end up with around +1000 pips for the year.
  10. CHFJPY also a huge performer with +4626 if the current winning trade stops out at its stop level.  It looks like it could continue to gain more as the JPY pairs are in strong rallies.
  11. EURAUD gained +2810 but the current trade could increase this.
  12. EURJPY was the CHAMPION performer for us, gaining +6,816 pips for the year!  It is still in a winning trade that looks like it could add quite a bit more and may even eclipse +7000 pips!  We’ll have to see how it ends up, but at this point, it’s all very good!
  13. AUDUSD gained +2067 pips and is currently in a short trade which will change the result.  Too early to tell how it will turn out but the year will end quite positive regardless.
  14. GBPUSD gained + 2376 pips
  15. USDJPY was definitely the laggard of the JPY family but it is currently in a homerun trade like the other JPY pairs and will end the year with +1233 pips or better.  This is a good pair to trade because of the low spread but on the flipside, you have to contend with BOJ intervention.  If you avoid trading at the extreme range boundaries, you could improve the results on this one.  Still, taking every trade worked out fine, too.

There are other good pairs to trade that also ended the year very positive.  I’m sure there were some that may have ended negative too, but I haven’t found them yet.  These are the 15 that I am tracking and trading.  Other good ones, that I have also begun to trade include AUDCHF, CADJPY, EURGBP, CADCHF, NZDUSD, EURCAD, USDCAD and even the USDMXN.  The CAD pairs have underperformed in 2012 but that doesn’t mean 2013 will.

No one knows what 2013 has in store but one thing I can say with the greatest confidence is that by continuing to trade a varied mix of forex pairs with Trend Jumper and daily charts, one can look forward to continued big gains.  Stay diversified.  Keep the risk per trade small, between 2 and 5% per trade, and good things will continue to happen trading forex pairs with the Trend Jumper.


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