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+ 33.5 points Today in DAX Futures; Makes me Want to Move to Paris

The Dax, made new record profit levels again today with the Trend Jumper.  If the taxes weren’t so high, I’d be having the ‘move to Paris’ conversation with my wife.  Of course, there are plenty of other great places in Europe to consider.  And with the DAX trading as great as it does with Trend Jumper, it is something that continually crosses my mind.

Today, the DAX was one and done, with the first trade of the morning on a fast track from entry to target and beyond.  In fact, Trend Jumper had us in front of 7 straight green price bars in a trade that lasted just 21 minutes.

Here’s the Trend Jumper trade in the DAX Futures that only took twenty one minutes for + 33.5 points, which is 837 Euros ($1,1072).



Futures Daytrading produced lots of profits to start the week.  Here are just a few highlights of today’s trades as called in the live traderoom:

  • Crude Oil futures, +.30, for $300 and all new record profit levels
  • Heating Oil futures, + .33 ticks for 138
  • Unleaded Gas futures, +131 ticks for $550
  • Dow eMini futures, + 11 points for $55 and all new record profit levels

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