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A Look at Trading Crude Oil with Renko Bars

The problem with trading with renko bars is that you have to have a way to solve the problem of not being able to see all the data points that are hit when the bars have closed.  Backtesting becomes a big challenge.  The simple trick is to put all entries, targets and stops on the renko bar highs and lows.  Do not put any entry or exit points intra bar.

I’m beta testing a new Trend Jumper Pro Calc that does that for you.  Actually, you can currently get the entries, targets and stops exactly on the renko borders with the calc you already have.   But it can’t trail properly.   This new renko enabled calc knows how to adjust the trailer to the borders of the bar.

Check out today’s crude oil session as I walk through how this work in progress renko tradeplan was hit its goals today for + 1.3 points, $1300.

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