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A Perfect Finish to a Perfect Week for Trend Jumpers

I’m sure there will come a time when Trend Jumper will have a losing session on one of our favorite markets, but today (Fri) was not that time.  We have had a losing session on one of our favorite markets.  Last Friday, the TF (Russell eMini) had a losing session.  But it seems, at least in November and in some cases dating all the way back to the first of October, we’ve been hitting on all cylinders with most of our favorite markets, session after session.

Consider the fact that Crude Oil is still perfect in November as it was in October.  Today it went 2 for 2 again for +.30 points, done in 32 minutes. 

The Russell was perfect this week, today winning +1.6 in 4 trades.

YM, NQ, ES, RG, DAX, FGBL, W, NG and HO were also all positive again today and have been perfect or nearly perfect all month.  I think NQ had a losing session once this month.  Nat Gas, too.  Despite that, they have been quite profitable.  The bottom line is that the Trend Jumper is doing exactly what it is supposed to do and it is doing it with remarkable effectiveness.

Today’s DAX Trade During the European Session gained + 53 Points for 1325 Euros, or approximately $1700!

The Trend Jumper seeks to identify immediate support and resistance levels and then gives us trades that JUMP off of those levels for dependable winners.  That’s it.

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