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All NEW Record Profit Levels Reached Again Today on Numerous Futures Markets with Trend Jumper!!

Record profit Levels Abound Today Across many of our favorite daytrade markets.

You have already seen how we’re hitting the ball outta the park with our Forex Swingtrading.  Daytrading has been nothing short of spectacular too as can easily be observed by the constand breakouts to NEW profit levels on a steady, ongoing basis.

Trading can be as Simple or as Complicated as you Want it to be.  WE Prefer Simple and it Served us Well Again Today..

We were able to quit today with excellent results with just our first or 2nd trade of the day for most of our favorite markets.  Here’s a quick look at how we did:

My Two Favorite Markets Finished with ONE and DONE Sessions for Excellent Profits!!  It’s about Quality NOT Quantity.  Simplicity NOT Complexity.

My two preferred daytrades were as follows:

  1. Heating Oil Futures; + 36 ticks for $163.  Done in three minutes!!  That’s a full day’s work in MY book!!  Record Profit Levels reached again today..
  2. Wheat Futures; + 9.5 Points, for $425.  Done in 64 minutes.  Oddly, Wheat, which can be very fast and has finished within 3 mintues itself, took longer today.  Still, one and done.  I don’t mind hanging around watching my trailer add more and more profits, steadily but surely.  I was still done by 7:34 pst today.  I got the whole day in front of me now to do whatever it is I want!!  Moreover, like Heating Oil, today’s Wheat trade hit an all new record profit level again..


Today’s Wheat Futures Trade.  Just PRETEND it’s the ES!!  At $50 per point and $12.50 per tick, you won’t even notice the difference except for how much easier it is to profit from!!



Other Highlights of the Day:

  1. Dow eMini took two trades and finished with a modest + 5 points.  Not biggie.  We take what the market WANTS to give us and we move our accounts forward on a steady basis.  Bare in mind that Tuesday was One and Done for + 86 points.  Yesterday was One and Done for + 20 points. Today was Two and Done for 5 points.  We’re WAY up for the week, winning 3 out of 4 trades AND Record Breaking Profit levels again.  THAT is Simplicity!!
  2. DAX during Euro Hours:  One and Done for +46 points; €1,150 !!  (That’s a nice day’s work, wouldn’t you say?  Makes me want to move to Paris!!)  Also, you guessed it — Record Breaking Profit Levels Today..
  3. Russell eMini; + 1.8 Points for $180
  4. Unleaded Gas Futures; +101 ticks for $424
  5. Crude Oil Futures; + 11 ticks — Crude hit record breaking profit levels again today!


Here’s another look at a trade from earlier today.  It is the EXACT same tradeplan as what we use with Wheat, Heating Oil, Unleaded Gas, etc., illustrating how robust the strategy is.



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