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Another Stellar Day with Large Futures Profits for Trend Jumper

We had huge profits again today with our futures trading across the board with Trend Jumper, on the day before our big public release of the strategy.  Actually, by the time you see this, it is the day of our release webinar but these results actually happened during the Wed 2/27 session.

Make sure you are registered for one of today’s webinars.  Soon you’ll be able to join us in the live traderoom and benefit from this very same strategy in these very same markets, and more!

Here’s a brief list of today’s results:

  1. Dow eMini; + 35 points, $175
  2. Russell eMini; + 4.1 points, $410
  3. Unleaded Gas Futures; +124 ticks for $520
  4. Heating Oil Futures; +159 ticks for $667
  5. Crude Oil Futures; + 21 ticks for $210
  6. Nat Gas; + 37 ticks for $370
  7. Wheat Futures; + 3 points for $150
  8. GBPAUD closed its 2nd position to finish for a strong gain this morning.  Net on the trade was + 292 pips

I took the Tradestation trade of the GBPAUD.  I use Tradestation charts to make all my trade decisions.  Here is a look at the same trade using MT4 and Oanda.  Trend Jumper worked great with MT4 as well.


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