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Another Strong Crude Oil Futures Monday!

This is one of our most resilient tradeplans.  It has been going strong for over 3 years!  Today the chart looks the exact same as when it started, consistently winning.

Crude Oil Futures was one and done to start the week!


As much as we love Crude Oil Futures, Trend Jumper continues to work great on many different charts, markets, styles of trading, etc.

The Russell eMini, using our 1 point Momentum Bar Chart was also one and done today.  It’s a completely different look and feel, but the strategy works the exact same way.  This trade was done in under 10 minutes.  That’s just what we like.  Get in, get out and GET DONE!  We don’t have to trade more to make more money.  LESS is more.


All we need is a great strategy and a great tradeplan (we have both) to quit positive on most sessions and grow our equity.  As we grow our accounts, we just increase our position size sticking to a smart and safe Risk to Available Capital ratio.  That’s the secret!




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