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Are you Making Money with Google (GOOG)? You Should Be!!

Google stock charts are some of the most profitable trading charts available, especially the daily charts which are perfect for swingtrading and simple directional options trades.  With options, you can control 100 shares of GOOG at a fraction of the cost and risk.  Moreover, with the recent innovation of mini options, even small capital accounts can benefit from this dynamic and extremely profitable trading market.

Trend Jumper shows us the way, too.  Did you catch the major move in GOOG?  Our customized Trend Jumper tradeplan had traders in a trade a week prior to the report where profit target were reached one day prior.  The remaining trailing position was already at a risk free position and were even protected against gaps to the downside (options can never lose more than their premium AND the trade had already banked huge profits, $30 per share).  As of this writing, the trailing position is up, over $135 per share!

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There are a lot more super profitable stocks, ETFs and options tradeplans on the private Trend Jumper Owner’s Club with new ones coming out all the time.  Sometimes the best trade opportunities are in places that you may not have thought to look.   As traders, we don’t need to care too much about the symbol.  We just need buyers, sellers, bars on a chart, and g0od price movement.  Volume helps too.  Google and many other stock and ETF symbols offer us loads of opportunity and with great leverage and minimal risk when using simple to learn and easy to trade calls and puts.

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