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AUDUSD Free Tradeplan Debuts with + 24 Pips

The free AUDUSD forex pair, using the 15 minute chart is a nice market to trade with Trend Jumper.  In fact, we have a brand new tradeplan and sample Trend Jumper Strategy that we are currently giving away for free, in front of our upcoming Trend Jumper FX Launch next week.  Today, the AUDUSD gained + 8 pips x 3 positions for + 24 pips net.

This exciting and profitable tradeplan has backtested tremendously well, winning over 2/3rds of all its trades over the last 2 years, 694 trades.  Moreover, the AUDUSD 15 minute chart has a nice 1.73 profit factor and continually has made new equity highs since the tradeplan was created.

The AUDUSD is a very dynamic pair to trade.  The 15 minute chart is a great way to control your trading and to force yourself to trade with discipline, using our proven “Power of Quitting” goal setting techniques.  In fact, this tradeplan has enjoyed a 21 trade winning streak, a 12 trade winning streak and literally dozens of other winning streaks with a 12 trade streak, three 9 trade streaks and numerous streaks of 8, 7, 6, etc..  For a limited time, NetPicks’ Premier Trader University (PTU) is giving this Trend Jumper strategy, specifically designed for the AUDUSD, away for FREE, complete with proprietar7 indicators, thorough training and template workspaces for Tradestation, Ninja Trader and MT4.

See how the free Trend Jumper AUDUSD 15 min chart tradeplan gained + 24 pips today for its debut session, since being offered to the public



The AUDUSD wasn’t the only pair to ring in profits on the day before Non Farm Payroll.  Our brand new Gold/USD tradeplan, the XAUUSD, also finished strong today.



To get your FREE Trend Jumper Tradeplan for the AUDUSD, click on this link:

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