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Deathly Afraid of Scalp Trading

Are you deathly afraid of scalping? Maybe you SHOULD be. There are TONS of pitfalls and dangerous mistakes that can be made when you scalp the markets. The spreads, your broker, the white-knuckle tension of watching that hard right edge. But the rewards and excitement can pay off in a huge way! IF you do […]

Replay: Trend Jumper FX Q&A

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Trend Jumper Now Available – But Only For a Few Days

We’ve opened the PTU Trend Jumper system and training course up for the final time to the public here in 2013. You can get all the details….a live in the market demonstration we recorded, complete details of what comes with the complete PTU Trend Jumper system, along with price and all the other details.  Plus, […]

Register for the PTU Trend Jumper Launch Webinar — Limited Availability

It’s that time.  We have officially announced the last release of the PTU Trend Jumper active trading system for 2013. This is the final opportunity to get in and experience what hundreds of traders globally already know.  That the PTU Trend Jumper is “THE” system and training you need to trade actively and succeed with […]

The “Free” PTU Trend Jumper System Scores Again

How does +227 Pips and counting on the EURUSD sound? What about +112 points on the Dow e-Mini futures? These were the trades in the most recent session trading the freely available PTU Trend Jumper System that we are providing for a limited time. We took two of our best Trade Plans along with some […]

PTU Trend Jumper Live System Demo + Q&A Replay

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Trend Jumper = Fast Work in the Markets. 2 trades, 2 winners, + 5.7 points, $570.00

This morning Trend Jumper traders made fast work of the markets, picking up nice gains on many of our favorite daytrade markets.  Here’s a brief recap using the standard 2 position approach: Russell eMini with our Poq 2; 2 trades, 2 winners, + 5.7 points, $570 Crude Oil Futures with Poq 2; choppy session BUT […]