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Best Day Trade Starter Markets


I often get asked the question, what are the best day trade starter markets.  It’s a great question.  There are a handful of obvious choices:

  • Dow eMini
  • Russell eMini
  • Nasdaq eMini
  • Nat Gas futures
  • Soybean futures
  • Wheat futures
  • Unleaded gas futures
  • EURJPY with a 5 minute chart is a good choice if starting with an account less than $5000
  • There are other great day trade markets that do require a higher level of skill like Crude Oil, Heating Oil are a couple that come to mind.

Most of the above markets you’ve seen me write about on this very blog.  The Trend Jumper trades each one of them excellently.  While the above list is a good general answer to the above question, less obvious is what might be the correct answer for any one particular trader’s specific needs.  This is not so clear or easy to figure out.

There is a series of steps one should take in order to figure out the best starting market.  We teach these steps and talk about them all the time in our live traderoom.  In short though, it is a process of elimination where a trader figures out what they can’t, or shouldn’t trade due to either available capital, time or skill level.  Usually what remains on the list would probably be one of the above markets.

For forex, I believe the best day trade starter market is the EURJPY.  This is how this dynamic pair made + 77 pips today with the 5 minute chart


Of course another major factor is the ability to WIN and make money trading.  The Trend Jumper, on the eve of its 2 year anniversary has proven over and over again that it wins with the above markets.  We’re so confident of this that whenever we demo the Trend Jumper live, we always show it on the most current trade results.

Today, was another banner day with many of the above markets hitting all new record profit levels, a story that continues to play out.  Look back just a few posts and see the recent equity curves for many of the above.

Based on our standard two position approach, the below tradeplans made record equity highs today, reaffirming yet again why they qualify as best day trade starter markets:

  • Crude Oil Futures; + .60 for $600; New record profit levels
  • Dow eMini; + 19 points, hitting its goal with the very first trade of the day in just a few minutes.  New record profit levels
  • Soybean Futures; + 2.25 in just a few minutes, record profit levels
  • EURJPY; + 77 pips and new record profit level
  • DAX Futures; + 29.5 and new record profit levels

Of course one of the most important things to consider in deciding on what might be the best day trade starter market for you is profitability.  These markets are finishing their sessions with positive results about 85% of the time.  We’ve seen this steady, consistent performance for two straight years!  The same strategy, the same tradeplan, and with no end in sight.

Check out one of our live demos to learn how you can get your hands on the Trend Jumper this coming week.




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