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Brand New EURJPY Forex Daytrade Plan Gains + 142 pips Today

A brand new forex tradeplan was just published on the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club detailing how to daytrade the EURJPY with the Trend Jumper using a 5 minute chart.  I’ve never really been a big advocate of daytrading forex as many of you already know, and in fact, have much preferred to daytrade futures and swingtrade forex.  This tradeplan has been so effective though, that I think I can officially say that I have been converted to being a forex daytrader.  The results have been staggering and it continually produces in steady way.

Today it gained + 142 pips.  Last week it gained + 427 pips.  The week before that, +697 pips and the week before that, +544 pips (based on backtest and forward test results).  Here are some other compelling stats:

  • Out of 96 sessions since the beginning of 2013, it has won 86.5% of them, winning 81, losing 13 and breaking even on 2.
  • Out of 19 weeks (not including this one which is still going) it has won 17 and only lost 2.
  • It has won nearly 70% of all its trades.
  • It has a 2.38 Profit Factor
  • Avg win/avg loss ratio of 1.07
  • + 6,156 pips since January 2nd, based on the plan’s three position approach

The Trend Jumper is a very versatile strategy that shows you where great setups exist.  It is up to us as traders to learn how to make the most of these setups.  That’s what we continually cover and train on in our live trading room.  This tradeplan is using the tools in an innovative way and in so doing, demonstrates what I’ve been saying all along, ‘as good as we are doing with our various tradeplans, we have barely scratched the surface as to the potential of the Trend Jumper trade setups.’

Check out Today’s EURJPY forex daytrades that gained + 142 pips



In other Trend Jumper forex news, there are many swingtrades in play right now with large profits already in the bag.  New owners of the Trend Jumper, who have taken the small amount of time to learn this simple strategy, have been rewarded in a big way by various forex pairs.  In the next post, I will list some of the results that have come in since the last Trend Jumper release just this past April.  The results have been pretty amazing and goes that one can be incredibly profitable trading forex without spending tons of time at the computer!



  1. Is there a free trial for your software?

    • There are two free tradeplans being offered. A daytrade plan for the YM and a swingtrade plan for the EURUSD. They are scaled down, limited versions of the Trend Jumper. There is no free trial of the full Trend Jumper but there is a very attractive money back guarantee.

  2. Do you have a video I can watch? What is the cost & what kind of money back guarantee do you offer?

    • Thanks for the questions, John. There are lots of posts on this blog with videos. Here is one,
      The cost depends on the package we are offering at that time; (bonuses, Owner’s Club Membership, what version, etc..) We do offer a 45 day money back guarantee. The average price ranges from about $600 to $1200. I would recommend signing up for one of our webinars. We do them all the time.

  3. hi,
    all I have to say is to keep up the way yous going I really love everything that that come from netpicks and this web oh I was forgetting something I try down loading the utp trend jumper for tread station and I could it doesn’t let me adjust to it it keep telling me an error and I was looking forward in eploring it

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