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New Tradeplans Announced for Swing Trading Stocks and ETFs

New Tradeplans are scheduled to be released throughout the next few months focusing on stocks and ETFs.  The Trend Jumper loves Stocks and ETFs and there are so many great trade opportunities in many different sectors.  Individual stocks like LULU, PCLN and CELG to name just a few each have their own tradeplans.  The opportunities […]

Market Volatility? Bring it On!!

Increasing market volatility typically comes at this time of year and as Trend Jumper Traders, we live for this.  Huge gains are made as Trend Jumper gets us in front of the explosive moves.  Market volatility can be scary, but as long as you stick to our tried and true Trend Jumper Tradeplans, you can […]

How to Trade the Hottest, Most Profitable Markets

Learn it once, trade it for a lifetime!  That’s one of the great benefits of the Trend Jumper.  Use it for trading multiple markets.  If the market is moving, it will put you in front of the moves.  We already saw how it can identify near term support and resistance levels from which to trade […]

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Forex, Futures, Stocks; Trade Results Posted Huge Gains Again and Lots of Profit Records Were Broken!

We had a huge run up again in equity again as most of our favorite tradeplans exploded to new record profit levels.  It’s hard to keep up on all of it but here is a partial list of this week’s Highlights: Forex EURJPY daytrade forex plan put together a decent week, gaining + 43 pips.  […]

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