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May’s NFP Day was Very Profitable for Trend Jumper Traders

I left on in the last post with a video of the week’s Trend Jumper Russell eMini trades.  I wanted to walk you through a few more markets from Friday’s session.  This video will show you how the Trend Jumper works on some other daytrade futures markets as well as a couple forex swing trade charts. […]

Best Day Trade Starter Markets

  I often get asked the question, what are the best day trade starter markets.  It’s a great question.  There are a handful of obvious choices: Dow eMini Russell eMini Nasdaq eMini Nat Gas futures Soybean futures Wheat futures Unleaded gas futures EURJPY with a 5 minute chart is a good choice if starting with […]

Russell eMini; Huge Profits Continue Gigantic Winning Streak

The Russell eMini has not had a losing session with the Trend Jumper and our 1 point Momentum Bar Tradeplan since March 10th!  Today it opened with a strong winner to continue that trend.  As of this writing, it is currently in a trade up over + 14 points, for a profit over $1400 today!  […]

This Week’s Daytrade Plan Results

Weekly Totals ending March 28th: DAX Futures; + 127.5 points for 1387.5 Euros Crude Oil Futures; + 15 ticks Russell eMini; + 20.9 Dow eMini; + 112 points Soybean Futures; + 14 points EURJPY 5 min; + 197 pips Heating Oil Futures; + 221 ticks

Trend Jumper Now Available – But Only For a Few Days

We’ve opened the PTU Trend Jumper system and training course up for the final time to the public here in 2013. You can get all the details….a live in the market demonstration we recorded, complete details of what comes with the complete PTU Trend Jumper system, along with price and all the other details.  Plus, […]

Register for the PTU Trend Jumper Launch Webinar — Limited Availability

It’s that time.  We have officially announced the last release of the PTU Trend Jumper active trading system for 2013. This is the final opportunity to get in and experience what hundreds of traders globally already know.  That the PTU Trend Jumper is “THE” system and training you need to trade actively and succeed with […]

Futures Start the Week with Winners Again!

Our futures trading requires us to stick to our tradeplans each and every session.  We are the Operators of our Trade Businesses and it is our job to place the trades correctly and to utilize the PTU Trend Jumper as intended.  And that’s exactly what we do! Today: Crude Oil Futures; 2 for 2, + […]

+ 33.5 points Today in DAX Futures; Makes me Want to Move to Paris

The Dax, made new record profit levels again today with the Trend Jumper.  If the taxes weren’t so high, I’d be having the ‘move to Paris’ conversation with my wife.  Of course, there are plenty of other great places in Europe to consider.  And with the DAX trading as great as it does with Trend […]

Dow eMini Futures; 165 points Again? Two Days in a row?

There were many stories to be told today and it was hard deciding on the best headline for this post.  Any one of the below headlines would have been appropriate: Crude Oil Fights its way Back After a Rocky Start   Trend Jumper Puts us in Front of the Zany “Twitter Hack” Sell off for […]

I Woke up this Morning to More Forex Profits Again..

Living on the West Coast has both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to trading but one of my favorite disadvantages that I have turned into a BIG advantage is the ability to sleep through some of the most active forex trading and still profit from the moves.  With the Trend Jumper and daily charts, […]