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Holiday Special — One Time Savings on Trend Jumper is LIVE Now!!

The Trend Jumper rarely goes on sale.  In fact, it never does.  For a very limited time, is offering the Trend Jumper at the lowest price ever.  Only 25 of them are available at this price and when they’re sold out, they are sold out! Save an additional $100 on the Trend Jumper now, […]

Market Volatility? Bring it On!!

Increasing market volatility typically comes at this time of year and as Trend Jumper Traders, we live for this.  Huge gains are made as Trend Jumper gets us in front of the explosive moves.  Market volatility can be scary, but as long as you stick to our tried and true Trend Jumper Tradeplans, you can […]

The Trend Jumper Reversal Trader

The Trend Jumper Reversal Trader is now available as a stand alone strategy.  It is a very low cost and effective strategy and allows a brand new entry level way to get involved with the powerful PTU Trend Jumper. This video explains how.

New Forex Swingtrade Plan for the Red Hot EURAUD Posted to the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club

If you are a forex trader, than hopefully you know by now that the EURAUD has been one of THE hottest pairs this year.  Last year was great too.  Our End of Day swingtrade plan has literally posted thousands of pips.  As I continue to explore more possibilities with the Trend Jumper, I decided to stay […]

Sneak Peak at a New Forex Daytrade Plan for the EURUSD 15 Minute Chart

Trend Jumper and PTU Members will son be treated to another forex daytrade plan.  A new way to trade the EURUSD with a 15 minute chart during the US Session.  15 minute charts can be tricky and very time consuming, because setups can take hours.  This tradeplan solves that problem because it is only valid for a […]

New Tradeplan for NFLX Added Today

Here’s another great tradeplan to add to our growing collection of Stocks and ETF plans.  NFLX has gained $734 per share just since Nov 1, 2010, winning 72% of its trades and averaging $13 per trade.  Moreover, the profit factor is a very respectable 4.00!  As I have saying all along, we have barely scratched […]

New Custom Swingtrade Plan Published for the Hot ETF, VXX

Stocks and ETFs present a HUGE opportunity for Trend Jumper traders.  We have only just begun to find the hidden treasure.  We’re off to a good start though.  This ETF, the VXX has been a very lucrative chart dating back to January, 2009.  It has gained over $1,330 per share, winning 85% of its trades […]

New Forex Tradeplan Published on the Trend Jumper Member Site for EURNZD 4 Hr Chart

Our collection of forex tradeplans continue to grow as the next installment was published this week on the private Trend Jumper Member’s Site.  The EURNZD is one of those pairs that typically flies under the radar of most retail forex traders but Trend Jumper Members know just how hot this market has been.  We’re doing […]

New Forex, Stocks and ETF Swingtrade Plans Scheduled to be Released on Trend Jumper Owner’s Club

I’m excited to announce that there is a slew of new tradeplans on the verge of being released on the Trend Jumper AND Premier Trader University private member’s websites.  There has never been a better time to join our ever growing Trend Jumper Membership.  Here are some of the tradeplans that will be released over […]

New Forex and Stocks Trend Jumper Tradeplans Available

New Members will be treated to some excellent new Stocks and forex tradeplans that have been specifically designed for Forex.  Details will be announced during the webinar tomorrow.  We’ll also have some new Stock/Option Tradeplans available, too. Here are some Highlights of our new 4 hour charts.  Each of these plans have been tested over a complete […]