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Interesting Trades, Incredibly Profitable Week

It was a very interesting week of trading with huge market volatility and very profitable trading as we were able to take advantage of the gigantic swings both up and down.  We love this kind of wild, wild, west, market action.  In this video I walk through a number of the most interesting trades this […]

Crude Oil Futures and the EURJPY with Trend Jumper

What do Crude Oil Futures and the EURJPY have in common?  They are both great day trading markets and they both made record equity high profit levels today with our long running tradeplans using the PTU Trend Jumper Trading Strategy. In this short video I walk you through today’s trades that ended another strong week […]

Market Volatility? Bring it On!!

Increasing market volatility typically comes at this time of year and as Trend Jumper Traders, we live for this.  Huge gains are made as Trend Jumper gets us in front of the explosive moves.  Market volatility can be scary, but as long as you stick to our tried and true Trend Jumper Tradeplans, you can […]

Daytrading EURJPY with the Trend Jumper Gains +250 Pips

Daytrading EURJPY with the Trend Jumper has proven to be a very effective and resilient approach to daytrading forex.  There really are not a lot of consistent and reliable forex daytrade opportunities.  We typically prefer to daytrade futures.  But daytrading EURJPY is the exception.  This plan, nearly two years old, continues to reach for new […]

The Trend Jumper Reversal Trader

The Trend Jumper Reversal Trader is now available as a stand alone strategy.  It is a very low cost and effective strategy and allows a brand new entry level way to get involved with the powerful PTU Trend Jumper. This video explains how.

How to Trade the Hottest, Most Profitable Markets

Learn it once, trade it for a lifetime!  That’s one of the great benefits of the Trend Jumper.  Use it for trading multiple markets.  If the market is moving, it will put you in front of the moves.  We already saw how it can identify near term support and resistance levels from which to trade […]

Batter Up: How You Hit Home Run Trades

The use of trailing stops is a big part of what we do when trading the Trend Jumper strategy.  We take advantage of high percentage targets that have been dynamically tuned to current market conditions, for sure.  But we like to trade with an additional position to take advantage of possible moves that overshoot the […]

Dynamic Targets are Essential to Ongoing Success

Dynamic targets are SO important to ongoing success because market conditions are constantly changing.  The Trend Jumper has built up quite a reputation for projecting accurate targets in real time.  Of course, not all targets are perfectly accurate and some, indeed, will fail, but that’s just trading.  As long as we put the odds in […]

Options Expiration is Hard to Trade, but Profits CAN be Made

I do NOT like trading during Options Expiration but there are often some good trades to be had.  It’s just a matter of knowing your tradeplan.  For me, I always lower my expectations and try to pick off my winner quickly.  If I can’t, I just walk away with a bruised shinbone.  I will not […]

Daytrading the EURJPY with the Trend Jumper

The EURJPY is one of the best, most consistent forex pairs to daytrade.  With the Trend Jumper, we have seen consistent profits and a steadily growing equity curve for nearly two straight years with no reason to believe that it will stop working.  The tradeplan we use to trade the EURJPY was designed for MT4 […]