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Trend Jumper FX — Last Chance!

The Trend Jumper FX is still on the market but all good things come to an end and in the next day or so, The Trend Jumper FX will be off the market.  In case you missed yesterday’s final live demo, here is the replay video.  If you were thinking about the Trend Jumper FX, […]

Replay: Trend Jumper FX Q&A

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Trading Mini Sessions with the New Trend Jumper Pro Plus

Trading Mini Sessions is a great way to gain more control over your trading and hanging onto your hard earned profits. This video shows you some of the new trading plans designed for dividing up a daytrade session into self contained mini sessions.  Each session has its own start and stop times, dynamic goal setting rules, trading plan rules, […]

Scalping Crude Oil Futures

    Scalping Crude Oil Futures can be a very fun and lucrative way to daytrade if done correctly.  In this video, I highlight an advanced application of the Trend Jumper utilizing a little known technique that just happens to be perfect for this type of trading.   This scalping technique is taught in the […]

Forex Walk-Thru, Both Daytrades and Swingtrades

  Forex is a unique market that trades 24 hours per day.  Here at the PTU Trend Jumper don’t believe in being married to the markets not stop, day in and day out however and in fact, we feel it is the long hours of forex that make it so difficult to succeed at.  We […]

Futures Profits Continue to Pour IN!! Finished the Week Very Strong!!

Our Futures trading continues to hit new record profit levels nearly every day.  While the global markets continued to sell off and doomsday sayers ran for the hills and hunkered down, Trend Jumper traders smiled all the way to the bank, ringing the register, trade after trade across every market we consistently have been trading. […]

Futures; Live Trading with the PTU Trend Jumper

I’m not the only NetPicks Coach who daytrades futures with the Trend Jumper.  Watch how Coach Ron uses the Trend Jumper in these two live videos.

Trading Crude Oil Futures with the Trend Jumper; Different Approaches Demo’d Live

It was another very profitable session for Crude Oil Futures traders this morning.  Below is a video where I demonstrate how I use the Trend Jumper Pro to trade not only Renko charts, but also, other Trend Jumper styles, simultaneously using two different trade platforms.  The Trend Jumper as designed, with its easy structure displayed right […]

New Trend Jumper Approach for Monday’s Bootcamp; See the Demo

In this video, I wanted to demonstrate a live trade using a new advanced Trend Jumper approach using the Trend Jumper Pro Calculator.  I’ll be teaching this tradeplan and strategy during this week’s Advanced Trend Jumper Bootcamp.  

It’s Bootcamp Time Again !! Sneak Peak at a Trend Jumper Advanced Approach Good for Choppy Markets

It is still not too late to JUMP on board the Trend Jumper and to do so in time to catch this next upcoming Advanced Training Bootcamp.  I’ve very excited for this one because I will be covering new, cutting edge Trend Jumper techniques that have really made a fast impact. One technique I’ll be […]