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Futures and Forex; Christmas Presents from Santa Market

Santa came early this year it seems, at least as far as Trend Jumper and the markets.  So many profit opportunities abound.  Whether you are daytrading futures, swing trading forex or trading stocks and options, this is a very merry time of year and the markets are in a very generous move.   All this great price action means easy pickins Trend Jumper Traders.

Here are a few examples:

Eminis started with a bang today, going one and done; a great start to the week before the holidays.

  • YM (dow eMini futures) came charging out after the bell, one trade for + 87 points
  • ES (S & P eMini futures) also was strong; + 6 points
  • TF (Russell eMini futures) + 1.7
  • NQ (Nasdaq eMini futures) + 7.25

Other futures daytrading also off to a strong start this week:

  • Soybean futures was one and done; + 2.25
  • Dax futures took three trades but ended very strong; + 37.5 points
  • Nat Gas futures was one and done for + 39 ticks

Forex, after several weeks of low trading range has come roaring back as well, with explosive price action delivering big profits in many of our favorite pairs.  Here are some of the highlights

  • GBPAUD; Just closed a trade which gained + 1569 pips.  It is currently in an open trade with over +408 pips gained already with the stop locking in profit on the remainder of the position.  This pair is up +11,144 pips so far this year, not counting the open trade.
  • EURAUD; Has two open trades still from November but they are up with over +1717 pips locked in with our trailing stop.  It is up + 7382 pips for the year
  • AUDNZD; still in an open trade but November will close with no less than + 1045 pips and possibly a whole lot more, depending on this final open trade.  This pair is up +2304 pips so far this year.
  • GBPUSD closed out November strong, + 704 pips.  It is up + 6466 pips for the year, so far.

I will be updating more forex pairs over the next few weeks and will give a grand total of the 12 pairs I follow once I get it all updated.  Our 4 position approach is up + 41,370 pips so far in 2013.  Add to that what these same pairs accomplished last year with just 2 positions and we are getting pretty close to hitting + 100,000 pips in two years!  I think it will fall a little short, but 2014 should hit it.  I predict that these same 12 pairs will hit + 100,000 pips sometime in 2014.  Stay tuned.



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