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Crude Oil Futures Still Perfect Thru November (and Oct)

I promised myself while on vacation (actually a promise to my wife and kids), that I would spend minimal time in front of the computer.  afterall, a vacation is meant to be time away from work.  I do treat trading as my work and business, but it is also something I love to do so I cheated a little and decided to go over last week’s crude oil trades.  It’s won every session since Oct 1st and I was so curious I just couldn’t help myself.

I walked through the trades and posted them into a temporary spreadsheet.  At first glance, it looked like it might have actually had a losing session.  Especially Tuesday.  But as I got into each session, thinking through each setup and applying the simple rules per the tradeplan, as it turned out, CL managed to keep its winning session streak intact and wound up posting a $1.53 gross profit (before trade costs), for a $1,530 profit.  I included all sessions except for Thursday, of course.  Wed and Fri were actually quite profitable. 

It did require two maneuvers to accomplish this, both of which are covered in the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club.   End result was that Crude Oil futures has not had a losing session in nearly two full months, Oct and November.  At the risk of jinxing the win streak, let’s see what December has in store.  More of the same is where I’m placing my bet!

Here are the session summary gross points per the usual 2 position approach for the holiday shortened Thanksgiving week:

Mon 11/19:  +.59

Tues 11/20:  +.06

Wed 11/20:  +.44

Fri 11/22:  +.44

Total Crude Oil Futures Profit for the week: +1.53, $1,530

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