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Crude Oil Futures — Great for Day Trading

Crude Oil Futures is one of my all time favorite markets to day trade.  It’s also one of my favorite markets to try out new trade strategy ideas.  In fact, it is the Crude Oil Futures 377 tick chart that gave birth to the PTU Trend Jumper.

Today, Crude Oil Futures hit its goal on its first trade for + 45 ticks, $450.  It also made record profit levels, hitting all new equity highs.  This is the original Trend Jumper tradeplan and has been in effect since November, 2012!

Todays Crude Oil Futures Trade made all new equity highs


Notice how this Crude Oil Futures trade looks exactly the same as all the other Trend Jumper trades shown on this blog.  That’s because it IS the same.  This is such a versatile strategy that you only really need to learn one basic tradeplan and it will work on so many different markets, timeframes and trade styles (day trading, swing trading, position trading).

Crude Oil Futures 2014 equity curve based on Tradeplan trades, standard two positions


And if that’s not enough to build one’s confidence in the PTU Trend Jumper, check out the 2013 Crude Oil Futures equity curve


Granted, 2014 is still being written.  2013 was an awesome year for Crude Oil Futures traders.  How do you think 2015 is going to look though?  I would say the odds are pretty good that Crude Oil Futures trading in 2015 is going to be another banner year with the PTU Trend Jumper.  Since the strategy is based on pure price action, and works on so many other markets as well, why would anyone want to bet against it.

This is a very exciting year to be day trading Crude Oil Futures.  The PTU Trend Jumper has put together an impressive two year record.  There couldn’t be a better time to ‘jump’ on this profitable day trading opportunity.  Best of all, you can witness this very plan in our live traderoom, where you can practice it in real time.

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