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Crude Oil Futures Hit’s Record Profit Levels with Trend Jumper Today

In today’s post I wanted to focus primarily on Crude Oil Futures.  Today it hit its goals with the first two trades.  The first trade was a bit of a false start and stopped out with a 1 tick gain.  As the price came down to test the big 104.00 level, which also happened to be the low of the day, it bounced around a bit before busting through it.  We were able to pick up a 2nd trade which allowed us to catch the move to full target and even beyond with the trailer.

  • Crude Oil gained + .66 today for $660 and New Record Profit Levels
  • Heating Oild Futures had another winner today, gaining + 112 ticks for $410
  • Dow eMini hit its Power of Quitting goals today, too, winning 2 out of 3 for + 3 points
  • Soybean Futures was one and done again today for + 2.75.  It has not had a losing session since I started tracking it 11 sessions ago.  In other words, it’s on an 11 session winning streak and even more if you look back further.
  • DAX Futures gained + 29 points today for + 725 Euros
  • Russell eMini had 3 Breakeven Trades, gaining 1 tick on each of three trades
  • Nasdaq eMini also was a strong winner today gaining + 8.5 points

Meanwhile, today I decided to do something a bit different with my trading and focused in on the new Renko chart I have been following.  This video shows you how I traded Crude Oil Futures using a 5 tick Renko bar.  This is a completely new and novel way to use the Trend Jumper which is proving to be a great strategy for Renko in general, once you understand how the Renko bar works.



  1. Awesome, I would to avail of myself the privilege of trading with this tool . Please contact me first via email

  2. Great tool for trading crude oil, levels the playing field against the market makers for sure!

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