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Crude Oil Futures Does it Again! Quick Win, Record Profits

Crude Oil Futures kicked off its new December contract with a one and done session this Monday morning, gaining a quick + .22 for $220 and all new record profit levels in a matter of just 12 minutes.  This particular Crude Oil futures tradeplan, using a 377 tick chart, has been in action for two straight years and in fact, was the original Trend Jumper tradeplan.  As we approach our two year anniversary of going live with the PTU Trend Jumper, we continue to marvel, and profit, from this time tested and proven tradeplan that hits record profit levels approximately  every 10th trade, on average.

  • Last week Crude Oil Futures gained + 1.22 for $1220.  Today it added another $220, to mark the first trading day of the CLZ14 contract.
  • DAX Futures, also hit record profit levels this morning and was able to get in, get out and get done in just one trade, one and done for + 56.5 points, 1412.5 Euros.
  • Heating Oil Futures needed two trades this morning; + 36 ticks
  • Russell eMini hit a fast winner and was one and done today; +1.8 points and new record profit levels, in just ONE minute!  New Record Profit levels!
  • Dow eMini needed two trades to hit its goals today; + 17 points and record profit levels


Crude Oil Futures Equity Curve for 2014 so far (standard two position approach)



Crude Oil Futures 2013 Equity Curve


As you can see, 2013 was an amazing year.  Crude Oil Futures tightened up like most markets this past year but as market conditions changed, the Trend Jumper was able to adapt and it continues to reach for new, nose bleed equity highs for two straight years.

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  1. what can I learn about fibonacci

    • John, there is much on the internet about Fibonacci. Do a google search. We don’t really use Fib strategies with the Trend Jumper. We don’t need to. We do use Fib numbers for our tick charts though. We use a 377 tick chart for example, to trade Crude and YM, amongst other things. That is a fib number.

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