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Crude Oil “Mini Sessions” with the New Trend Jumper Pro Plus

Crude Oil trading needs to be controlled.  One way of doing that is with the idea of trading different ‘mini sessions’ throughout the entire session.  The Trend Jumper Pro Plus has been infused with a whole new set of power tools which plug right into the calc for both Tradestation and Ninja Trader.  We can break the session up and only focus on the most productive times of day.  Each session has its own tradeplan, complete with start times, stop times, number of trades, power of quitting rules, etc.  Take a look at yesterday’s mid morning session using a custom 425 tick chart.  The session was one and done with +.80 profits, $800.


Crude Oil Futures gains a nifty $800 during the mid morning ‘mini session’



This specific tradeplan features some of the unique new power tools added to the calc.  First of all, you can see the nice risk:reward info, detailed in the data window.  Notice how there was only 13 ticks of risk on this trade with the chance to make 29 ticks to the full target.  Of course the trailer made quite a bit more.  This at a glance information is very handy when deciding what position size to put on a trade.  It also quickly illustrates the favorable ratio that helps instill confidence that you’re trading a plan that will make you money.

This Crude Oil plan also uses a few other unique features including  a dynamic new method for calculating the initial stop as well as the ability to choose what to trail.  In this case, for this specific Crude Oil tradeplan, we are using an EMA instead of the customary Jumpline.

Crude Oil isn’t the only mini session tradeplan you can use.  We now have 3 new Dow eMini ‘mini sessions’ as well, with more to come.  Full details and more regarding these tradeplans and many more new plans, including tradeplans for forex and stocks/options will be shared during our upcoming 3 day live PTU Bootcamp, April 1, 2 and 3 in Los Angeles.  You can join us in person or live over the internet.

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