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Crude Oil Win Streak Continues with Trend Jumper; +.33 Today with Two Trades

Crude Oil Futures are still batting 1.000 since October 1st.  For some reason, I didn’t wake up on the right side of the bed this morning.  You know how that can feel sometimes.  Maybe it’s because of daylight savings.  I stubbed my toe on a chair commuting to my office and then spilled my first cup of coffee getting to my desk.  I got everything up and running just in the nick of time to grab the first trade of the session and then quickly scrambled to get the recorder going.  Sorry, but executing the trade came first, being my top priority.

I did get the recorder going though and you’ll see today’s session in its entirety, except for the quick execution of my entry of the first trade.  I had to deal with some uncomfortable key levels and I also discuss an addon setup that occurred and the things I typically think about in considering those setups or not.

There were a lot more highlights to today’s session.  The Russell also is on its own impressive winning streak, quickly ending today’s session with two quick winners and ‘powre of quitting’ goals, gaining +2.7.  In fact, the Russell just won its 7th trade in a row and out of the last 14, it has won 11.

All the other markets I follow also hit their goals or are on the verge of hitting their goals.  The dow and nasdaq emini’s had easy first trade winners and achieved their power of quitting goals as well.  The ES is still working on it but getting close.  Unleased Gas futures, Wheat futures, Natural Gas, Heating Oil and Euro Futures also hit their goals again today, all ending with winning sessions.

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