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DAX Futures Continue to Race to Record Trend Jumper Profits; 15 Consecutive Winning Sessions

If you live in Europe, Australia, Asia or if you’re just a night owl here in the US, you might want to consider making a living trading DAX futures.  Trend Jumper has put together a pretty impressive track record, dating all the way back to November of 2012.  It just keeps doing great things, constantly hitting record profit levels.  The last time it had a losing session was December 17th and is currently on a 15 session winning streak!

  • DAX Futures gain + 65 points (25 Euros per point) today.  Yesterday it gained + 25.5 points.  Last week it posted + 90 points for the week.


See Today’s DAX Trades that Hit All New Record Profit levels, running since 2012 and gained +65 points for 1,625 Euros, well over $2000!!  Today was the 15th winning session in a row with this Trend Jumper Tradeplan, which by the way is one of the original plans that is being used for many different markets, all of which are doing well.



Other Highlights Today:

  • Crude Oil Futures, +24
  • Soybean Futures, +2.25
  • Russell eMini Futures, +2 points
  • Dow eMini Futures, BE (Breakeven)
  • S&P eMini Futures, +3.75
  • Heating Oil Futures, + 46 ticks
  • Nasdaq eMini Futures, + 1.5 points
  • EURJPY Forex Daytrade Plan,  + 137 pips



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