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DAX Futures Gains + 66 points to Start the New Year; a Continuation of a Very Profitable 2013

Our DAX Futures tradeplan has proved to be resilient and extremely profitable since its inception in Nov, 2012.

  • It ended 2013 very strong with a + 160 point month. 
  • For the year, our Dax Futures plan gained + 3078 points, often finishing with just a single trade per session.

Other times it did require more trading but all in all, we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  That’s nearly 77,000 Euros, without even employing our money management techniques.  Applying our basic Fixed Fractional Money Management Strategy drove those numbers much higher.

For example:

If a trader started with a 25,000 Euro account, and placed 1% risk on each trade, based on the average losing trade of 242 Euros, and then doubling that per our two position approach, the numbers are quite compelling.  We’ve also factored in commission and slippage.

After expenses, trading a single contract (x 2 per the dual position approach) would have netted 87,565 Euros.  Subtract the 25k that we began with and the results are quite good; 62,565 Euros NET.

Once we add out money management strategy though, the numbers jump off the page.  This is where real money is made with a successful strategy like the Trend Jumper:

The exact same trades, using the parameters I just explained above would have produced a net account value of 172,730 Euros!  That’s nearly a 1/4 million dollars in one year, with our unique Trend Jumper approach.

This is not out of anyone’s reach.  It just requires a disciplined, professional, business like approach to your trading with a proven strategy and tradeplan; Trend Jumper!  We’ll examine more markets like this in days to come.

2014 will prove to be just as good as 2013, at least, that is what I predict.  Today, we are already off to a good start.  Dax futures gained +66 points and was one and done today, + 1,650 Euros!


See Today’s Dax Futures trade that gained + 66 Points to start 2014 on the right step!


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