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DAX Futures and some Great Questions I Received

DAX Futures hit record profit levels a few times this week, including today, Thursday Feb 6th.

Equity Curve of DAX Futures 233 tick tradeplan since November 5th, 2012.


Check out today’s DAX trades below.

As you can imagine, I get a lot of questions each and every day.  I wish I can answer each one with all the details and complexities full explained.  I try, anyways.  Some questions just ask too much.  Everything is fully explained in the training that I already spent tons of time producing.  I do not want to reinvent stuff I have already done and besides, it comes with Trend Jumper Membership.  That being said, sometimes I get a question that I like to answer in great detail because it is a common question and by answering it, I can solve a lot of issues for a lot of people.  Below is an example of exactly that.  I received the following questions.  My responses are below.



1. Can i use your trendjumper for a one month trial?  I can pay for this.

2. Is your system 100 percent automatic robot?

3. In sideways markets much loss in most of the systems. How are this with your system?

4. Can i geth the trading signals from your systems from this week from the DAX futures?

Thanks for support.  — GM


Hello GM,

Thanks for your inquiries and interest in the Trend Jumper.  My responses are below:
1. Can i use your trendjumper for a one month trial? I can pay for this. — We do not give free trials.  We do offer two free Trend Jumper tradeplans that are yours to download and use forever.  We also offer a rock solid money back guarantee so if you do purchase the Trend Jumper you are covered.  All we ask is that you actually learn the strategy and then use it as intended by following the training.
2. Is your system 100 percent automatic robot?  —  Absolutely NOT.  It is semi automatic with the trades showing up on your chart.  You have to place and manage them though.  We do have automation available as an upgrade but even that is not intended to be a robot.
 3. In sideways markets much loss in most of the systems. How are this with your system? —  Trend Jumper does very well in range bound markets.  It’s not perfect.  Nothing is.  We don’t need it to be to make money though.  Trend Jumper seeks to mitigate choppy markets by the use of smart tradeplan rules, cancelling some trades, hitting others.  We may get a loss here and there but we also get the big winners.  Winning at trading is NOT trying to avoid all losses because that is not possible anyway.  It is the use of a smart tradeplan that puts the odds in our favor.  We get a statistical edge and that’s what we focus on, along with smart money management.  That’s how money is made.  Trend Jumper does that across many markets.  There are such thing as losing sessions and even a losing week from time to time but that’s just trading.  We protect ourselves with the other techniques I just briefly mentioned.
 4. Can i geth the trading signals from your systems from this week from the DAX futures? — I don’t usually do this because it is cumbersome, time consuming and I get bombarded with these requests all the time.  But here they are:
These may not make much sense to you because we follow a very specific tradeplan with rules and I’m not about to get into all of that here.  We are using a 233 tick chart with the DAX but it is not the only possibility.  It just keeps working so we stay with it.  All time stamps are based on exchange time (Eurex Time).  The time stamp is the time of the setup bar and not necessarily the bar that triggered into the trade.  That’s just how I track them.  Each trade is a two position trade.  One goes to a fixed target and one trails.
  • Monday Feb 3rd, the DAX was one and done. 
    • 913, short at 9342.5.  P1 target reached, exit at 9323.5 for + 19 points.  P2 trailed and exited at 9303 for + 39.5 points.  Net, + 58.5 points at 25 Euros per DAX point.
  • Tues Feb 4th
    • 901 long at 9137; stopped out at 9123 = – 14 points x 2 = – 28 points
    • 908 short at 9124.5.  P1 hit target for + 9 points.  P2 trailed and exited at 9105.5 for + 19 points.  Net on the day = 0 for Break even session
  • Wed Feb 5th
    • 905 short at 9099.5.  P1 just missed full target so trade for profit and exit with a partial profit at 9089 for + 10.5 points.  P2 stopped out for only a 1 point gain; Net = + 11.5 points
  • Thursday Feb 6th;  Tomorrow is Non Farm Payroll so it might be a day to NOT try to be a hero or martyr.  Perhaps take a trade or three but let’s not give back our gains for the week on an extreme session like NFP day.  Since the DAX trades way before the NFP release, and we are so profitable for the week, I wouldn’t even mind not trading the DAX at all today.  Let’s face it, winning 5 out of 6 and grabbing +120.5 DAX points already (as you can see with the DAX weekly total thus far), why not take the day off?
    • 1003 long at 9170.5.  Barely missed the full target.  Should trade for profit with part of the position by I only posted a 1 tick gain on both positions for + 1 point (to be extra conservative).  This trade should have exited with some more profit with P1.
    • 1033 long at 9185.5.  P1 hit full target at 9208 for + 22.5 points.  P2 trailed and exited at 9212.5 for + 27 points.  Net = + 50.5 points
  • Weekly Total so far for the DAX is 5 out of 6 trades winning and + 120.5 points of profit.
The DAX keeps hitting record profit levels and dating back to Nov 5th, 2012, has gained + 4342.5 gross points (all wins and losses but not counting commission and slippage costs which always exists with trading but will be different for each trader).
Hope that helps,
See Today’s DAX Trades that made + 50.5 points for 1,262.5 Euros.  This is a look at the Trend Jumper Pro Calc.  The Standard Calc produced the exact same trades.
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