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DAX is Flying High; Record Profits

Dax Futures and the Trend Jumper seems to have been made for each other.  The tradeplan hit new equity highs these past two sessions again.  This is one of our longest running tradeplans and it continues to prove how effective the Trend Jumper can be with markets that move.  Of course the DAX futures aren’t for everyone but it is something to aspire to.  Our other favorite markets are also doing great.

Here are some trade results over the past couple sessions:

Tuesday, March 18th

  • DAX Futures; + 76 points
  • ES, + 2.5
  • Crude Oil; + .53
  • Heating Oil, + 104 ticks
  • EURJPY; + 25 pips
  • Soybean Futures; + 2.25
  • Russell eMini TF; + 1.8
  • Dow eMini YM; + 18

Wed, March 19th

  • DAX Futures; + 14.5
  • EURJPY; + 16 pips
  • Soybean Futures; + 8.75
  • TF: + 2.6
  • CL; + .45
  • ES; +1.75
  • Heating Oil; + 4 ticks
  • YM; + 24

Yesterday’s DAX Futures trade gained + 76 points for 1,900 Euros and new equity highs


Tomorrow I’ll show you some trades using the new Trend Jumper Pro Plus calculator.  This exciting set of power tools plugs right into the Trend Jumper with Tradestation and Ninja Trader.  To find out more, make sure you are registered for one of our upcoming webinars,


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