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DAX Futures WIN 35 Sessions in a Row

DAX Futures should be renamed the Super DAX Futures, at least with our ongoing, time tested Trend Jumper tradeplan.  This is the basic Trend Jumper approach that works so well on so many markets.  Since the Trend Jumper Reversal Trade, aka the Measuring Stick was first introduced, we’ve included this setup.  It helped keep the streak alive this week with a + 49 point trade.

Here’s an example of one of the winning trades this week on the DAX Futures using the Trend Jumper Reversal Trade


The Super DAX Futures are making a strong case to just pack up, and resettle on the French or Italian Riviera.  It’s a compelling argument.  Just trade a few minutes to a few hours per day and then enjoy.  I can imagine myself sitting on the veranda, sipping a fine Chianti, placing a DAX trade with the Trend Jumper, cha ching a ling ding and then we’d be off to enjoy the finer side of living in that part of the world.  Now if I could just sell my kids on the idea!

This tradeplan begins trading at 9 am, DAX Futures exchange time.  This could be the perfect market for night owls on the West Coast.  Trading would begin at 11 pm.  East Coast Vampires could also enjoy trading, beginning at 2 am est.  Otherwise, just move to the Italian Riviera!  Who knows, before too long you’ll be trading from your Yacht off of Malta.  Learn how by signing up for one of our upcoming Trend Jumper Live Demos here.

At 25 Euros per point, Super DAX Futures are worth learning.  The Trend Jumper is so easy to learn, I could teach this tradeplan to anyone in about 10 minutes.  Best of all, after learning how to trade DAX Futures in this manner would, one would also know how to trade Crude Oil Futures, Russell eMini, Dow eMini, Nasdaq eMini, Soybean Futures, F0rex, etc, etc.  It’s the exact same approach.

This week DAX Futures won 8 out of 10 trades and ended each session as follows:

  • Mon 10/27; + 49 points
  • Tues; + 64 points
  • Wed; + 27 points 
  • Thur; + 56.5 points
  • Fri; + 23.5 points
  • Total; + 220 points for +5,500 Euros, thus the new name “Super Dax Futures”

Super DAX Futures is on a 35 session winning streak.  Here are the weekly totals over the same time period:

  • Sept 15 thru Sept 19; + 105.5 points
  • Sept 22 thru Sept 26; + 157.5 points
  • Sept 29 thru Oct 2; + 127.5 points
  • Oct 6th thru Oct 10; + 40.5 points
  • Oct 13 thru Oct 17; + 114.5 points
  • Oct 20 thru Oct 24; + 223 points
  • Oct 27 thru Oct 31; + 23.5 points

Here’s a look at the Super DAX Futures equity curve, showing all the trades of this tradeplan for the year 2014.


To learn more about trading the Super DAX Futures market, and how to trade many other markets with the Super Duper PTU Trend Jumper Trading Strategy, be sure to sign up for one of our upcoming demo webinars.  This may be the last time this year to get your hands on the PTU Trend Jumper.

Be sure to check out our model Russell eMini rolling results using the exact same method.  We’re updating the total results of this tradeplan and showing all the weekly trades of the plan here.  Check it out.



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