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DAX is Winning Big for our European Trend Jumper Traders

The DAX finished with another strong week with the basic Trend Jumper strategy and made all new record profit levels again.

  • Monday; + 20.5 points (two trades, two winners)
  • Tuesday; + 8.5 points (one and done)
  • Wednesday; + 17 points ( two trades, one loss and one win)
  • Thursday; + 18.5 points (two trades, two winners)
  • Friday; + 9.5 points (4 trades, two losses and two winners)
  • For the week; our DAX tradeplan made + 74 points for €1,850
    • 11 Trades, 8 winners and 3 losses
  • Since November 5th, the DAX has gained + 1600 points for €40,000!

See this example DAX session, that happened Thursday and got us to our ‘power of quitting’ goals.  The first trade hit its ‘money management level’ which is when we move the stop to lock in one tick to eliminate the risk and pay for trade costs.  It stopped out for 1 tick on two positions.  The 2nd trade was a long and as you can see, after the typical pullback that normally follows a strong move, it ‘jumped’ UP to the full target for a nifty + 13.5 points. The trailer didn’t do quite as well, but still picked up 4 points and we ended the session with + 18.5 points on two trades.  That’s €462.5 in two typical Trend Jumper trades.



We are using this same strategy on many different markets, which is a testimony to how effective this DAX approach is.  It’s the same tradeplan for Heating Oil, Unleaded Gas, Nat Gas, EuroBund, and as our ‘starting point’ template for other markets as well.

In fact, we’re using the same approach with just a few minor differences for Crude Oil Futures, Dow eMini, Russell eMini, and our Forex Swingtrades.

FREE Trend Jumper Users should be alerted that we got a long setup on the EURUSD Daily chart a couple days ago.  It hasn’t triggered in yet but we’ll keep you posted.

Have a nice weekend!

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