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Day Trading Crude Oil Futures for Big Summer Profits

Day trading crude oil futures for big summer profits is a great way to limit your chart time, ring the cash register and then get outside and enjoy yourself.  After all, isn’t that what life is all about?  I just finished updating the Trend Jumper 377 tick crude oil tradeplan, having just returned from vacation, only to learn how expensive my trip was when factoring in all the lost profits that could easily have been made with this long running, super successful tradeplan.

Day trading crude oil futures has presented its challenges too.  Over the past several months, we have seen volatility shrink, much like we’ve seen across multiple markets and asset classes.  It’s the state of the world these days.  Yet sticking to the tradeplan and allowing the Trend Jumper to do its thing, which includes self-adjusting for current market conditions, has proven to be the way to go as this dynamic plan continues to reach for new record equity highs.  Patience has paid off too, because it appears with the way crude oil futures are trading, that volatility is finally returning.

I’ve been traveling since mid June.  Here are the results that the tradeplan produced, day trading crude oil futures while I was away:

Weekly Totals (points gained by 2 position tradeplan)

  • June 13th: + .28 for $280 (volatility still tight this week)
  • June 20th: + 1.37 for $1370
  • June 27th: + 1.89 for $1890
  • July 3rd: + 1.02 for $1020
  • July 11th: + 1.58 for $1580

Day trading crude oil futures with this tried and true tradeplan continues to be extremely profitable, no matter what the market condition.  Since October, 2012, this plan is winning 86% of all its sessions AND 86% of all its weeks.  THAT, my friends, is a great business!

Check out how our plan did to end the week today, day trading crude oil futures




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