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Day Trading EURJPY Gains +368 Pips This Week

Day trading EURJPY continues to be the golden ticket for us here at Trend Jumper Central.  We ended this week winning 8 of 9 trades, losing the first trade on Monday and then winning every other trade this week.  Today, the EURJPY gained + 32 pips.  Two times this week we had triple digit gains.

Day trading EURJPY with the 5 minute chart and our long running tradeplan produced the following session results this week:
  • Monday; + 55 pips
  • Tuesday; + 140 pips
  • Wednesday; + 16 pips
  • Thursday; + 125 pips
  • Friday; + 32 pips
  • TOTAL for the Week; + 368 Pips

On an ‘options expiration Friday,’ see how day trading EURJPY ended the week, with a very straight forward, easy to follow trade that had us finishing one and done and +32 pips added to the all new record level equity highs for the year, and total history of this reliable tradeplan.


The Russell eMini had another banner week, hitting new record profit levels. This week, the TF gained + 18.7 points and is up, +350.8 points for the year!

We’re tracking a model tradeplan, showing all the trades of the week and the running net results on this blog.  See the Running Russell eMini Results here.



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