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Daytrading EURJPY with the Trend Jumper Gains +250 Pips

Daytrading EURJPY with the Trend Jumper has proven to be a very effective and resilient approach to daytrading forex.  There really are not a lot of consistent and reliable forex daytrade opportunities.  We typically prefer to daytrade futures.  But daytrading EURJPY is the exception.  This plan, nearly two years old, continues to reach for new record profit levels on a steady basis despite the drastic changes in market conditions over the same two years.  That is dependability!  In fact, if you were to tune into our live traderoom, Monday thru Thursday, you would find us daytrading EURJPY the same way, each and every day, with a clear and concise tradeplan, the same rules, and the same approach day in and day out.

See the Advanced PTU Trend Jumper Pro Plus Live this Monday, Sept 29th as we Demo the strategy in the markets.

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Daytrading EURJPY produced the following results:

  • Monday, Sep 22; + 28 Pips
  • Tuesday; – 105 Pips
  • Wednesday; + 117 Pips
  • Thursday; + 129 Pips
  • Friday; + 88 Pips
  • Weekly Total; + 257 Pips
Check out this video on Daytrading EURJPY with the Trend Jumper and see how this exact plan raked in over +250 pips this week and more than +1000 pips over the past 4 weeks.

This week we will be holding an extensive 3 day workshop as we commence our Premier Trader University Fall Program.  Trading EURJPY with the advanced tools of the Trend Jumper Pro Plus will certainly be one of the topics we cover in great detail amongst many other important subjects.  For more information, be sure to register for our upcoming webinar where you can actually ‘look over our shoulder’ as we demo the PTU Trend Jumper Pro Plus, live, in the markets.

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