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Daytrading the EURJPY with the Trend Jumper

The EURJPY is one of the best, most consistent forex pairs to daytrade.  With the Trend Jumper, we have seen consistent profits and a steadily growing equity curve for nearly two straight years with no reason to believe that it will stop working.  The tradeplan we use to trade the EURJPY was designed for MT4 traders and was thus created with the 5 minute chart.  It also works great with Tradestation and Ninja Trader.

Despite a very slow and low range trading week, the EURJPY performed quite well.  In fact, we saw low range and slow price action across the board, in just about every market we like to trade.  Despite that, most of our tradeplans were able to pull out winners and ended the week with positive gains.  The EURJPY just required a resolute commitment to stick to the tried and true tradeplan.  But then again, isn’t that what successful trading is all about?

In this video, I walk thru this past week’s 4 sessions in great detail, discussing all the ins and outs of the EURJPY specific tradeplan as published on the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club website and Advanced Training Video.  This is the very same plan that we trade in the live traderoom every day.  Notice how, despite a tough start to the week, the tradeplan prevails and the odds, which are always in our favor, swing back around to take the equity curve of this tradeplan to new record profit levels.  These examples also show that even when a chart looks down right ugly, leading into our trade session, there really is no way of knowing how the session will end up.  We say ugly charts with the Russell eMini, Crude Oil, Heating Oil Futures and several other markets.  The EURJPY chart looked terrible, with low range and small up and down bars and very little follow through yet the Trend Jumper was able to get us into the significant moves and when combined with the tradeplan details, gave us a way to manage each trade to maximum effect and profit, resulting in a very positive week and winning 3 out of 4 sessions.

EURJPY 5 minute Chart with the Trend Jumper





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