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Gold Forex Pairs Daytrade Great with Tick Charts

Gold forex pairs have proven to be so great for daytrading, I thought I’d do another post on it, this time with a completely different approach.  The past couple posts, I’ve shown our new Gold / USD tradeplan for the 15 minute chart.  While there are many great pairs to trade with Trend Jumper, I thought I would stay on this gold theme for at least one more post.

I wanted to show how versatile the gold / usd pair with Trend Jumper.  Especially now!  Netpicks is about to release very exciting news that should be of great interest to MT4 traders.  I can’t let the cat outta the bag here but stay tuned for an important webinar next week.  Hint:  MT4 traders will learn how they can trade an amazing chart like this 233 tick chart of Gold / USD.

See Today’s Gold daytrade using the 233 tick chart.



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