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Deathly Afraid of Scalp Trading

Are you deathly afraid of scalping?

Maybe you SHOULD be. There are TONS of pitfalls and dangerous mistakes that can be made when you scalp the markets. The spreads, your broker, the white-knuckle tension of watching that hard right edge.

But the rewards and excitement can pay off in a huge way! IF you do scalp trading right.

Click the play button on the video above to get an better explanation of the pro’s and con’s of scalping and what we’re using to literally clean up!


  1. Guus van Goethem says:

    Hi TJ,

    I liked your video. Great style, and inescapable truths! Thanks, Guus

  2. Hi
    I have installed the uindicators and template, but could not see the right column with its entry exit and stop loss. Can you show me how.Thanks

  3. David Christopher says:

    This looks like a modified version of your HVMM system. So what is better? And what charting are you using to use your software? Thanks!

    • David, thanks for your comment. Trend Jumper has nothing in common with HVMM. It is completely different. The only thing they have in common is that they both have dots on the chart. It works with Tradestation, Ninja Trader and MT4.

  4. Carl Boonzaier says:

    I have entered my name and email numerous times to get the Trend Jumper but alas have received nothing to date.

    • Carl, did you finally receive it? I think the system was overloaded with a lot of people trying to download it at the same time.

  5. Hi ,
    I was told that I would receive a link to Trend Jumper and still haven’t received it . thanks

  6. I have applied for Trend Jumper several times.
    And I don’t get the confirmation email.

  7. Dear Sir,
    I trade from last 10yrs, but your indicator is best what i have before,
    I have installed the indicators and template in Mt4, but could not see the right column with its entry exit and stop loss. Can you show me how.Thanks

    • Great, Jay. Go to the view menu and open up the Data Window. When you click on a bar, then click on the Alt key and you will freeze the info in the data window so you can read it.

  8. Dear Sir,
    I trade from last 10yrs, but your indicator is best what i have before,

  9. Great video, I learned a lot and got me thinking, looking forward to getting this for my trading, I need it.

  10. Hi
    I installed uindicators and pattern, but could not see the right-hand column, with its entry, exit and stop loss. You can show

    • Ron Weiland says:

      That is a data window. Just open the data window on your paltform. We added a video on how to do that on Ninja and MT4.

  11. I have everything installed. Chart looks a little different from the video. The stops are not showing in the chart. Also, there are red X’s in a box, not sure what they are.

    • Jim, are you using MT4? The MT4 charts will look a bit different but they behave the same. The box with the red x is your stop.

  12. Should have said installed in Metatrader. Also, see yellow moving average (?) and think solid blue line and dotted red line – again not sure what these are in relation to video.

  13. I use TD Ameritrade . Cann I use this with that platform?

  14. What is different between the Pro and the free version?

    • Karl, the free version is a very specific set of indicators designed to trade the one market it was created for. The Standard and Pro version (there are two different Trend Jumper versions) are the complete strategy, training, indicators and are designed to work on many different markets.

  15. Thank you, with the help of a couple of filters this is a gem. Two days 2 trades 2 wins no pressure or hassle. Soon I will have enough to buy your expensive system. Once again thank you

  16. Installed and watched videos…very interesting.

    Can you clarify one thing? If your the 2nd target is lets say 20, mkt goes up to 12, so target not hit…do you move stops to b/e in that situation?

    • Steve, there are many ways to trade this obviously but the tradeplan that I have put forth waits until the 2nd target is reached, and 10 ticks has been reached (sometimes the 2nd target is smaller) before moving the stop. Granted, I created this tradeplan with a 3 position approach in mind. Since there are a number of ways one could actually trade the Trend Jumper, my recommendation is to practice it for a while. I always think it is wise to do some backtesting too, so that you can build a log of trades and witness for yourself how it works. Moving your stop at the 1st target and/or some minimum distance will give you some risk relief but it could bounce you out of winning trades too. I would say to take your time, practice with it for a while, track the trades and then ultimately you will be in the best position to take ownership of it and ‘make it your own.’ Hope that helps.

      • Thanks, that does help.

        One more question: I like scalping. From the Hangout session today, I got the impression that the full version of TJ has a number of trading plans for a number of different trading vehicles. How many of those would you consider to be scalping approaches?

  17. Sorry…one more question. In the TJ PDF for YM, under “YM 5 minute Trade Management Rules”, it says “for multiple positions, lock in 1 point once the middle target has been reached…”. Does “middle target” refer to your 2nd target goal…or does it refer to TGT 2 (which is usually your first target goal)? Thanks for your help.

  18. Machat Chandran says:

    I am a beginner with some insight into the Forex trading. I have down loaded free TJ when it was offered and loaded it on Euro/Usd. But in the absence of a text the role of the Blue, Red and Yellow lines and the interaction between them and the trade is not clear. Also what happens and how to manage the trade when the trade is moving up and it suddenly changes the direction and drops by a large distance and continues to move downwards for some time, before being stopped by the first fall? All the profit earned by the trade would have vanished this way!

    How the beginner should operate for best results? At least he should not end up in making loss towards the end of the day, if it is suitable for day trading.

    Can it be applied to Commodities also. Any methodology or precations one would have to observe, in that case?

    As promised by you and requested through an Email by me, would it be possible for you to let us have a copy of the recorded version of the “Launching Webinar” which unfortunately I could not attend.

    By far it is a good system, and should make profits for the trader if he knows how to get the best out of the system. This is what I would confidently as a beginner and you should help us by making us confident to operate the system without fear and with confidence.

    Can you please send copy of the reply to my Email ID ?

  19. Please can you tell me what is the difference between standart and pro version of TJ indicators,and I have one more question,I downloaded the free TJ indicators for try for Tradestation,but I couldnt see the trailing stops(White dots) as in your “Deathly Afraid of Scalping” video above,if I buy full version can I use trailing stops(Auto moving white dots)??

    • Erol, the standard version and the pro version work the same way but the pro version has more tools available. It is what shows the trailing stops on the primary trades (not the additional ‘addon’ setups which we often use). It has other capabilities as well, including syncing up with the automation. The pro version is only available to full Premier Trader University Members at this point.

      The good news though is that you don’t need it. I actually prefer teaching the Trend Jumper with the standard calc. It is the best way to learn the strategy because it forces you to actually learn the strategy and trade it in the way it is intended to be traded. The trailing is easy without the dots. We just follow the green dotted line. I teach you how. The pro calc often leads to complacency and people using it forget the actual intention of the strategy. It’s convenient but not necessarily the best choice. It can’t do a lot of the maneuvers we do anyway. The free version does everything you need it to do as far as show you good setups so long as you follow the plan that goes with it. You don’t need the dots and even if you had them, the pro calc doesn’t even have the capabilities to follow that plan. If you take the time to learn the Trend Jumper, which is really quite easy, you will be very happy you did. It is super versatile and robust. — TJ

      • Hi again TJ ; if possible I only want to buy the pro version of Trend Jumper (which shows the trailing stops with white dots) I dont want to get in a course or learn the strategy;How much will I pay for getting this pro version only??

  20. Downloaded and done everything as you told. But could not use your system. Give me the video of your system training. Should prove with at least one profit trade of 50 pips. Otherwise there are too much talk on the web. Please prove its success through us

    • The strategy works great. The training comes with the download. Make sure you fully understand it before using it. EURUSD has been in a tight range for the past several weeks and has not been very attractive but it will breakout soon enough.

  21. Greetings from Austria, TJ I must say you’ve done all the work, it’s realy realy nice work! But I have some q. do you scalping only on eur/usd pair or some others too? Still your indicator working with 5 digit. brokers too or only wiht 4 digit? And thank you so much.

    • Thank you Anfej. I must say, and hopefully you can see by reviewing the posts on this blog, that the eurusd is one my least favorite pairs. Check out the profits on some of the lesser traded pairs, along with the trading ranges vs the eurusd and you’ll quickly learn why. My broker is a 5 digit broker, as are most these days. Trend Jumper works great but of course, one must learn the strategy and become a student of the training, which is not hard, but is very important.

  22. I like the simplicity of the system where all the trade management data is calculated for the trader’s convenience. This makes it a mechanical system where there is no thinking required and therefore no stress. It looks ideal as an end of day system for busy working people with just a few minutes required daily for trade management.

    • Paul, for the most part what you say is true but some thinking is still required. We’ve reduced the art part of trading down to as little as possible but it does still exist when dealing with key levels and chart levels. We have rules for that too, though. 🙂

  23. John Amankwah says:

    I have not been able to install on MT4. Please help.

  24. rob morton says:

    hi, which folder do you install the indicators in MT4.

  25. I have one simple question i hope you can find time to answer after you place a trade if price goes against you right away do you move your stop or do you take a full stop loss and wait for next signal

  26. I downloaded and istalled it. The last signal I see is from 10/31/2013. When will I see the next signal?

    • Hugo, these are daily bars and this approach only focuses in on one of the Trend Jumper setups. This is a very selective tradeplan, in other words. We did get a setup to go long Nov 27th and it is already quite profitable. Perhaps you saw that one? Much depends on your broker, of course, because as you know, each broker makes their own markets and quotes are different from broker to broker. My Tradestation chart shows a long though on Nov 27th.

  27. Cynthia Baird says:

    I am curious about how the PT Trend Jumper does in consolidation markets like we are having in the YM and CL. Can you send me an example of how it works with consolidation?

    • Cynthia, it’s a question we get all the time and for obvious good reasons. Trend Jumper does pretty good. It’s not perfect. Nothing is. The whole idea is to mitigate and avoid most of it while not being afraid to trade the tradeplan the consistently makes money. Check out the live trade video a couple posts ago for a great example of how it did during a very choppy market. Remember the best trades come out of range bound markets and we don’t want to miss those. We learn by reading the TJ indicators how to tell the conditions of the market. Yesterday, CL was quite choppy yet it was able to get to a positive result by mid morning, winning 5 of 8 trades. YM was positive winning 1 of two trades. So both days were successful, taking what the market wanted to give us, which is part of our trade philosophy.

  28. how do you get into the live trading room to see this in action?

  29. Need your advise, How to use this trading system?
    Already install this trading system ,do you have any ebook or manual or vidoe ,how to trade with trendjumper trading system..

    thks a lot

  30. Ive downloaded the free version, it shows eur/usd (5 options) and Ym (3 options) in the ninja trader indicators, I only trade CL, which indicator should I use to try out Tj?
    Thank you

    • I trade crude too, Dave. It’s an amazing market. There is no free Trend Jumper version to trade crude. I would recommend getting the full version. Today, CL hit record profit levels and this week’s trades would have practically paid for the entire Trend Jumper. Send an inquiry to if you’re interested. We also have a new leasing program that will give you access to the Owner’s Club, Traderoom, etc., for zero risk.

  31. Is it possible to integrate your software with other platforms, for example, Interactive Brokers? Allow your indicator to be placed on live futures price movement candlestick charts for 30sec, 1m,2m,3m,5m,10min,20min,30min,1hr,1day? Thank you in advance.

    • William, many traders integrate with IB using Ninja Trader. That’s the only way to do it and frankly, it’s the best way. IB tick data is not usable. You can put the Trend Jumper on other timeframes but you would need to test the results. We always want to focus on the ‘sweet spot’ charts for a particular market. Tick and range bars usually work better than time based charts. You don’t want a chart that is too fast or too small either. So I’d stay away from the faster time based charts you asked about.

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