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Dow eMini Futures; 165 points Again? Two Days in a row?

There were many stories to be told today and it was hard deciding on the best headline for this post.  Any one of the below headlines would have been appropriate:

Crude Oil Fights its way Back After a Rocky Start


Trend Jumper Puts us in Front of the Zany “Twitter Hack” Sell off for Large Gains


Trend Jumper Wins Across the Board Again, Despite Early  Choppy Action


Trend Jumper Tradeplans Have an Uncanny Way of Knowing the Future


Dow eMini Flagship 377 tick Tradeplan Does it Again, with yet Another Winning Session


Not to be Outdone, Our ‘Sleeper’ Forex Daytrade Plan hits Another Big Winner


The HOT Russell eMini Continues to WIN
Etc., Etc..



There were so many great stories today, but in the end, the YM 5 Minute FREE Trend Jumper result today, kind of encapsulated everything else that occurred.  Yesterday, we saw it gain +165 points in one trade.  Today, it took 2, but the result was the same.  A picture is worth a thousand words so to begin with, take a look at this screen shot of today’s pm action.



As all those possible headlines imply, the YM 5 minute chart wasn’t the only story of the day.  There were many.  Yesterday was one of those sessions where everything just worked no matter where you looked.  Today, from a bird’s eye view, you might think the same thing but up close, it took a bit more effort.  Markets do what they do.  Belief and knowledge of how the Trend Jumper works is a huge advantage though as it quickly hits winners and overcomes short term obstacles with relative ease and dependability.

  • Dow eMini futures 377 + 6 points today.  It has a small partial winner, a small loss and a small winner again to end positive with poq 1.  Yesterday it had + 40 points.  We take what the market wants to give us with our unique, dynamic goal setting strategy.
  • Russell eMini futures ; + 1.4 points with poq 1.  Poq 2 got positive too but it took a few more trades to get there.
  • Heating Oil futures; + 138 ticks for $579
  • Unleaded Gas futures; + 61 ticks for $289
  • DAX futures was one and done for + 25 points during the Euro Session; € 625
  • Crude Oil futures Started Rough and Choppy but Fought its Way Back to a Break Even Result.
  • Other markets winning today; Nat Gas, NQ, ES, BP (Br Pound futures), Wheat futures, Euro futures, CADJPY 15 Min Plan, etc..
  • New Forex Swingtrades Triggering in Today with others setting up


It seems no matter what the market throws at us, the Trend Jumper keeps on finding a way to win and get positive.  Most markets and timeframes that we are following are winning over 80% of their sessions and weekly totals.  This has been the ongoing story since day one and continues to play out in the same way, over and over again.  Grab your Trend Jumper while it is still available and we’ll see you in the live traderoom for more Trend Jumper futures and forex trading.


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