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Dow eMini on a Wickedly Wonderful Profit Ride; Up or Down — Doesn’t Matter to us! New Record Profit Levels Again..

Dow eMini gains + 55 Points today,

hitting record profit levels again.


The Dow eMini has only had two losing sessions since Feb 15th with our standard, our of the box, Trend Jumper approach as taught in the training and Owner’s Club.  While many different markets are heading to all new record profit levels over and over again, I wanted to focus this brief post on this amazing market.   We really found the sweetspot with this one as it has done nothing but climb and climb — the equity curve, that is.

Not only is it winning all the time, the way it is winning is really extraordinary.  Today was another one and done session.  One trade!  That’s it!!  In fact, it has been one and done for 7 sessions in a row.  In fact, you have to go back to March 25th before you can even find a losing trade and that session only took two trades to post a +43 point winning session and new profit levels.   Since then, every session has been new profit levels and NO losses.  Imagine that!

Today, was a case of just knowing the rules, NOT over thinking, and pulling the trigger on the trade like a professional trader would do.  That’s it.  Nothing special.  It’s what we do.  Today,  single trade got it done again, picking up + 55 points in the process, $275 per our two position approach, and climbing to a combined total of + 1669 points since beginning this tradeplan, last November 5th, 2012.

You don’t have to trade a lot to make it in this business.  In fact, less is usually more.  With the Trend Jumper, there are certainly a lot more opportunities to keep trading.  The big question that begs asking is, WHY?  Why work harder?  Our approach is all about quality over quantity.  You can achieve financial independence with LESS, actually.  Just set a profit goal and once you achieve it, give yourself a raise by just moving your finger over, pushing a different button on the keyboard and adding another contract.  You just gave yourself a raise and didn’t work any harder at all.  Just keep your risk small and let your account grow steadily.  You can always duplicate the same approach with other markets as you get better and grow your account, which will add diversification.

Tomorrow, Trend Jumper Owners will be attending a webinar that will be all about our Advanced Trend Jumper Bootcamp.  They will be treated to the chance to move up from the Standard Trend Jumper to the Trend Jumper Pro Toolset.  This is all about working smarter not harder and learning to use the tools to deepen your understanding of the strategy; its philosophy, why it works, and how to profit even more by learning how to uncover its deepest secrets.

In yesterday’s post, you will see an example of the session’s Dow eMini trade, using the Standard Calculator.   Check out Today’s Dow eMini trade, this time using the Trend Jumper Pro Calculator. 


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