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Dow eMini (YM) Gains + 54 Points Today, Wins 22 out of Last 23 Sessions!!

Today in the Live Traderoom we only needed to take one trade, which was a winner.  It quickly achieved our ‘power of quitting goals,’ and we were done for the session with + 35 Points.  It was yet another one and done session for the YM, hitting all new record profit levels for us, + 1431 points since early November, and kept alive an impressive winning streak where it has only had one losing session out of the last 23.

That’s ONE losing session over the last 4 1/2 weeks of trading the Dow eMini.  It goes to show that trading quality setups is all you need and Trend Jumper gives you plenty of them.  We often quit with a one and done result making the Dow eMini a futures market of choice.  As your account grows, you can simply give yourself a raise by increasing position size.  Controlled risk and steady profits.  The entire trade layed out with clear entries, target, stops and trade management rules to follow for consistent profits.  Why work harder when you can do better by merely working smarter with the Trend Jumper and the Dow eMini (YM)?

Today’s Dow eMini Trade



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