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Dow eMini (YM) Hits Triple Digit Gains Again for the Week with Trend Jumper

The YM continues to be the hot daytrading eMini.  New record profit levels were reached again today.  For the holiday shortened week, it was up + 130 points.  



Other Highlights Today:

  • Crude Oil Futures were One and done with + .51 ticks for $510.
  • EURJPY 5 minute chart was one and done for + 23 pips
  • Wheat Futures was on and done for + 1.75 points
  • DAX Futures gained + 18.5 points
  • Heating Oil Futures posted modest gains of + .11 ticks
  • Unleaded Gas Futures, also modest with +.05 ticks
  • Soybean Futures 377 tick gained +20 points today for + $1000!
  • Corn Futures 5 tick momentum gained + 7.25 points
  • Russell eMini Futures 1 pnt Momentum Bar (brand new tradeplan) was one and done today with + 2.4, $240

Other markets that did well today include the Euro Currency Futures, NQ and ES.  We know that we can’t win every trade on every market, nor can we win every session.  But we continue to see enormous consistency with the Trend Jumper on SO  many different markets, each using basically the same Trend Jumper approach.  The results we are enjoying today are right in line with what the Trend Jumper began producing for us last year.   We haven’t really had the need to change anything.  Just adhere to the tradeplan, exercise sound money management and follow the training.



  1. esteve andre says:

    Yesterday, July 10 you gave a webinar on trend jumper and gave a url of for a webinar today, but no such address exists. Please email the correct address for todays webinar. Thanks

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