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Dynamic Targets are Essential to Ongoing Success

Dynamic targets are SO important to ongoing success because market conditions are constantly changing.  The Trend Jumper has built up quite a reputation for projecting accurate targets in real time.  Of course, not all targets are perfectly accurate and some, indeed, will fail, but that’s just trading.  As long as we put the odds in our favor and put ourselves in a good position to hit our targets most of the time, we can achieve ongoing success.

The way the Trend Jumper achieves this is with the ability to actually ‘tune’ itself, at the right edge of the chart, in real time, to project dynamic targets (targets that have been adjusted to market conditions) that give us the best reward possibility, while also mitigating risk and allowing us to stay in the trade in relationship to where the stop is placed.  In fact, you’ll notice if you examine more closely, that not only is it dynamically setting its targets to the current market condition, it is also doing so while achieving a favorable risk:reward ratio, in most cases.

This video walks through some current examples and explains how we use dynamic targets to continually achieve successful trading with the PTU Trend Jumper.

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