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eMini Day Trading Produces Steady Income with Trend Jumper

Our eMini day trading with the Trend Jumper continues to produce steady, efficient income using our long standing tradeplans.  Today, we began this week making new record profit levels on some of our favorite markets.  The Russell eMini (TF) and Dow eMini (YM) were fast and easy today, hitting our goals with the first trade, one and done.  EMini day trading with those two symbols are my favorite to trade with.  Many continue to prefer the ES, but in my opinion, that market throws additional challenges at you and I just don’t see the need.

Unless of course, you have become a more advanced trader, in which case the ES could be a great market to trade.  Especially if you’re trading for size.  But for the average home trader, eMini day trading with the TF or the YM will provide plenty of opportunities and much easier trades to profit from.

The TF was one and done today for + 1.8 points, $180 per our two contract approach.  The trade was straight foward and pretty much played itself.  Just follow the dots.  We almost picked up a sizable runner but it just didn’t hit for us today.  All we can ask for is the ‘risk free’ opportunity, which we got.  The more of those we get, the happier we become, day after day.

eMini day trading with the TF produced + 1.8 today, new equity highs and a quick, ‘get in, get out, get done’ session.



eMini day trading with the YM gave us an attractive + 44 point trade, $220, and was also one and done.


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