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eMini Futures Soar, Huge Run up in Profits on Nearly Everything Today!

The eMini Futures got a case of Spring Fever today, delivering big profits in just a matter of minutes, as today’s session took advantage of the Luck of the Irish and started off the week with a huge BANG!  You could almost hear the crack of the bat, as many of our favorite daytrade markets sent the first batter up and then hit the ball outta the park with big homerun winners.  New record profit levels were reached again on many different ongoing tradeplans; tradeplans that have been running since 2012.

eMinis found their pot of gold today as the luck of the Irish was in full GREEN attire!


  • ES (S&P eMinis); + 8.5 points, one and done; record profit levels; + 231.75 points since I started tracking this tradeplan back on Sept. 26, 2013.



  • YM (Dow eMinis); + 102 points, one and done; record profit levels; +5392 points since Nov, 2012!



  • TF (Russell eMinis); +6.2 points



  • NQ (Nasdaq eMinis); + 4.25; one and done in 3 1/2 minutes
  • Soybean Futures; +9.5 points; one and done and new record profit levels; +296 points since Sept 9th, 2013



  • EURJPY gained + 21 pips today after ending last week up, + 221 pips.  Last week we had the largest gaining session of the year.  Thursday the 13th this reliable tradeplan gained + 322 pips in just one session.  It’s a daytrade plan that often delivers swingtrade results.
  • Crude Oil Futures delivered its 2nd break even session in a row today
  • Heating Oil Futures squeak out a small gain today too, for + 4 ticks; last week it ended with 5 winning sessions in a row for + 363 ticks and is currently on a 9 session winning streak.

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