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eMini Futures Yank Out Positive Gains for the Week with a Strong Finish

EMini Futures challenged us mid-week with low range, low volatility trading.  There was very little news to move the markets this week, and the eMini futures just wanted to drift sideways, which is why this time of year is called the ‘Dawg Days of August.”  As soon as the Ukrainian news hit the wire, in the late morning session today (Fri the 15th), Trend Jumper put us in front of the move, leading the way as the price moved down and we picked up strong gains, sending our favorite eMini markets into positive profits, ending the week UP!

We trade the eMini futures every day in our live traderoom with the same tradeplan and have been doing so for nearly 2 years straight.  We know these tradeplans work and are consistently hitting new equity highs.  If you attended one of our live demonstrations this week, you would have seen that they are winning 85% of their sessions and weeks.  You would have seen it for yourself in real time trading today.

This week, our two favorite eMini futures, the YM and the TF, won 3 out of their 5 sessions.  That means they lost 2 sessions this week, Wed and Thu, attributed to listless price action and what I would call the ‘calm before the storm.’  That’s how markets work.  Yet, when the action hit, Trend Jumper and our tradeplans had us in front of those moves, which led to Friday’s winning session and a another winning weekly result.

Today’s eMini Futures Results:

  • Dow eMini Futures (YM); + 48 points; the week ended up + 35 points, thanks to the price actually moving to finish the week with another winning result; near equity highs
  • Russell eMini Futures (TF); + 5.2 points, finishing the week up + .8, a modest gain but positive non the less.  TF is a few trades off of its all time equity highs, as is the YM.  Near Equity Highs
  • The other eMini Futures, ES and NQ also ended up big today and finished the week positive but I do not actively follow those markets, preferring other markets like Soybean futures, Heating Oil, and Crude Oil.
  • Heating Oil futures end the day positive with a strong weekly result; + 41 ticks; + 298 ticks; New Equity Highs
  • Crude Oil ends the day positive with another positive weekly result; + .13; + .12 (Positive Dawg Day Results).  We are a couple trades off of our all time equity highs!
  • Soybean Futures end the week positive, winning in 4 minutes today (see the next post this weekend); + 6.75; + 19.5 points
  • DAX Futures gain + 14 points today, ending the week very strong, up + 106.5 points and new equity highs with every session this week, winning 5 for 5!  DAX is on a 12 session winning streak.  Headline news today says DAX is down hard this week, having a dramatic affect on the German markets and economy.  Trend Jumper traders were also affected by the drop in the market, with large profits!  TJ Traders traded UP and DOWN to end at record profit levels.
  • Forex Traders also posting gains.  Our favorite daytrade market, the EURJPY is currently in a trade that is up over triple digit pips, still going.
See the final two Dow eMini Futures trades that sent us positive for the session and the week


While I don’t really follow the S&P eMini Futures (ES), much preferring Soybean Futures (see tomorrow’s post for my reasons why), you can see how the Trend Jumper caught strong gains to finish the session strong, using the exact same approach as we use with our other favorite markets.


Our Trend Jumper Autumn Launch is still in full swing.  Don’t miss out on your chance to get your hands on this powerful and profitable strategy, in time for the best trading time of the year, September through the end of the 4th quarter.  We’re looking forward to new equity highs and equity curves continuing upward and onward.

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