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EURJPY 5 Minute Chart picked up + 128 pips Today During the US Session

Today was a very profitable day for most markets.  One of the highlights was our daytrade plan for the EURJPY.  The tradeplan grabbed + 128 pips by the time it was finished.

  • Dax gains + 40 points today for new record profit levels again!
  • Heating Oil futures gain + 46 ticks
  • Russell eMini futures, + 1.2
  • Nasdaq eMini futures, + 11.5 points, one and done
  • Unleaded Gas futures, + 66 ticks
  • Wheat futures, + 7 points

There were many other winning markets and tradeplans today.  Tomorrow is the last chance to get the Trend Jumper at the low price it is being offered at.  Prices are going up!

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