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EURJPY Continues to be an Excellent Forex Pair to Trade with Trend Jumper

The EURJPY 5 Minute chart is a great daytrade chart.  It has great volume, excellent movement and low spread costs; three prerequisites to a good daytrading forex chart.  What’s more is that the tradeplan we use in the Trend Jumper Traderoom and the one that is taught in great detail on the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club website has been working for years.  That should be another prerequisite to a trader who is bombarded with countless choices.

Sometimes the greatest difficulty is just deciding what to take a chance on.  Of course, we do NOT just take chances on stuff when it comes to trading.  We eliminate that aspect with our vigorous testing techniques and through the ongoing test of time.

Today, for example, the EURJPY 5 Minute Chart tradeplan put on another ‘toure de force,’ gaining triple digit profits.  Check it out:

Today’s EURJPY trading brought in triple digit gains.  This picture shows the trade on an MT4 chart.  The very same trade worked just as well on Tradestation and Ninja Trader.  One could have also trailed the purple line down, for even more profits.  We like to divide our trade and scale out at various strategic levels, as shown in this example.


The EURJPY is just one of many very successful Trend Jumper Tradeplans that have stood the test of time and continue to work today, in the same was as they did when they first were presented to the world. The Trend Jumper has proven to be (and continues to prove) a very effective and profitable way to trade the markets.  Best of all, we prove it every day, Monday thru Thursday in the live traderoom where Trend Jumper traders learn the strategy and trade this very same tradeplan (along with crude oil futures, YM, TF, etc) in real time with one of our Trend Jumper expert trade coaches.

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