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EURJPY Daytrade Plan Gains + 346 pips this Week

Our EURJPY 5 Minute Chart Daytrade Plan, designed for those forex traders who absolutely love (and want) to daytrade forex, continues to perform excellently.  This holiday week produced great movement.  The market also went through its choppy moments.   We found that just sticking with the tradeplan, trade after trade, and then quitting at the time the tradeplans says to quit, continues to produce enormous profits.  We are finding that this very same tradeplan is working great on several other pairs, as well.

This week, the EURJPY tradeplan booked + 346 pips, winning 9 out of 12 trades!  This trade on Wed July 3rd, was the highlight trade of the week, gaining + 217 pips per the tradeplan instructions.  These types of EURJPY daytrades actually produce ‘swingtrade profits’ and happen with regularity.



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