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EURJPY Gains + 322 pips Last Thursday in just ONE Session with the new Trend Jumper Pro Tools

The EURJPY continues to win, hitting triple digit gaining sessions with regularity and new record profit levels on a steady basis.  Last week we had the biggest winning session of the week with + 322 pips, overcoming some losses from earlier in the week.  It finished the week up, + 221 pips.

Daytrading the EURJPY with Trend Jumper has just been made a whole lot easier!

Check out the EURJPY chart that gained + 322 pips in one session.  This is a daytrade strategy that often delivers swingtrade results.  This screenshot shows the EURJPY 5 minute custom tradeplan using the brand new Trend Jumper Pro Plus Calculator which is a super charged pro calc packed with niw plugin power tools.



The EURJPY is not the only forex pair you could daytrade with the new Trend Jumper Pro Plus.  This tradeplan is showing great potential on a number of other great moving forex pairs.




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