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EURJPY Perfect Over the Past 6 Sessions

The EURJPY, using our favorite 5 minute chart tradeplan has just won 6 sessions in a row, 10 trades in a row.  Today it gained + 70 pips.  Last week it was perfect, gaining + 207 pips with NO losing trades.  That doesn’t always happen and of course, we expect there to be losing trades.  But the equity keep keeps growing with this tradeplan and in fact, has been doing so since this came out last year.

The EURJPY is probably the number one pair I would recommend trading with a 5 minute chart.  We have other daytrade strategies for forex but they typically require different charts; tick charts, 15 minute, 30 minute, 4 hour and daily.


See Today’s EURJPY trade that gained + 70 pips


We have some new custom tradeplans too, using some of our newest discoveries for the EURJPY.  For example, using out new Measuring Stick Setup, we have a very effective EURJPY 60 minute chart, that trades well during the Euro AND US sessions.

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  1. At what time of the day do you trade this pair?

  2. Leonie says:

    I downloaded the free audusd last week and paper traded and I’m up over 100 pips already. This is scary stuff…….

    • Awesome.. Great job. Just be sure to backtest it as is a great habit to do with any tradeplan prior to trading real money. Helps build belief in the strategy when you can see the big picture, forest from the trees perspective. Thanks for sharing!

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