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EuroBund (FGBL) had a Very Profitable November

What can be better than a market that only requires 1 or 2 trades per morning?  That’s what this is!  Trend Jumper finished November with the FGBL as follows:

  1. +2.10 points; 2,100 Euros
  2. 81.5% winning percentage
  3. Profit Factor of 3.69
  4. It won 22 trades and only lost 5
  5. It won 17 sessions and only lost 3.  2 of the 3 losing sessions occurred with red labled economic events happening like Euromeetings and ECB meetings.  This should be expected.
  6. It ended all 4 weeks with a winning result
  7. It finished the last week without a single loss.  It only had one losing trade each, during two of the other three weeks.

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